ZEISS Primo Star


ZEISS Primo Star


Minimum Order Qunatity : 1 Piece



Successful Teaching and Enthralled Students

  • Easy to use: Primo Star as a Fixed-Köhler version with the Plan-ACHROMAT 100x/0.8 dry objective.
  • Keep an eye on the microscopes in the room: Primo Star shows the intensity of illumination on both sides of the stand.

The Digital Classroom

  • Use Primo Star and the tube with the integrated HD streaming camera in connection with the iPad App Labscope to connect all microscopes of your classroom.
  • Connect the microscopes to HD monitors or projectors.
  • Share images and videos directly with all students.

Clever Details for More Freedom

  • Choose between 30 W halogen or energy saving LED illumination.
  • In areas with fluctuating or no electricity you profit from the battery supply unit.
  • Upgrade Primo Star with the fluorescence tube to get a LED fluorescence micros